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Lexus Lotus Scion Toyota

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Trans type



U660E, U760E

2007 - on

8 bushings kit

Shipment and warranty.

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Warranty covers all purchases you make in our store.

Warranty for new and used spare parts extends for 6 months since the date of purchase.

Warranty for new automatic transmissions extends for 12 months since the date of purchase or production.

Warranty for mechatronics extends for 12 months since the date of purchase.

Warranty terms (applies for ZF products).

1. Warranty is valid for manufacturing issues and materials failure upon receipt of filled out warranty certificate.

2. According to service manuals ZF automatic transmissions are to be tested for malfunction only if failed transmission is handed over with present diagnostics act from authorized repair shop that runs diagnostics by the means of original equipment.

3. Warranty remains valid only in case the programming was carried out with the use of manufacturer’s original diagnostics equipment.

Warranty obligations are considered void in case of:

  • Unit installed with violation of ZF transmission installation manual or on non-compatible vehicle or vehicle model;
  • Programming transmission without the manufacturer’s original equipment;
  • Unit repair by unqualified personnel, product mechanical damage; using ATF not complying with the standards specified in ZF transmission installation manual, vehicle service manual or TE-ML11, TE-ML14, TE-ML02 and other lists published on website www.zf.com/ru;
  • Ingestion of alien objects causing transmission to malfunction;
  • Return of the electro-hydraulic control module (mechatronic) without ESD protective bag and connecting plug protective cap;
  • Violation of installation sequence and torque settings of bolts described in mechatronic installation manual;
  • Force majeure (fire, accidents, natural disasters, etc.).

5. Warranty claims are accepted upon receipt of:

  • Warranty certificate;
  • Copy of diagnostics malfunction message received from original diagnostics equipment.

6. Assembly/disassembly of transmission provided for warranty repair must be carried out by qualified specialists at authorized repair shop or authorized automaker dealership.

7. Repair is only possible within the warranty period specified in warranty certificate.

In non-warranty cases (breach of operating conditions, failure of other components and units etc.) malfunction diagnosis, troubleshooting, or ATF change are performed at your expense.

8. Warranty issue pending is carried out by ZF Russia LLC within 10 business days upon receipt of failed unit and required paperwork.